About us

~ About us ~

We came to the canine world from two widely differing angles. My (Louise) interest got serious underway when, in 1987, I secretly ordered DKK’s dog breeder’s guide. This still exists, even though it is virtually falling apart. Along with my younger sister we drove our parents mad pestering them about having a dog. This finally bore fruit, and in 1992 the first dog of the house – a Kerry Blue Terrier – came inside our door – and up onto the bed!

Blåskæg’s Molly Malone was the marvel’s name, though she was called Sisse. She was idolised, of course. My sister Julie and I took care of all the daily duties, even though we were only 11 and 16 years old. We went for walks, fed and brushed her, and I learnt how to groom – which has naturally become increasingly important for me. Sisse and I began to go to obedience training and, along with the breeder, my sister and I managed to persuade our parents to enter her for dog shows. Sisse became Danish Champion and LP1 (Obedience). This set things going, and it was decided she had to have a fellow companion.

This was Mads (Blåskægs Jet-Z), who moved in in 1995. It was of course on the cards that he was to be put on show and used for obedience just as Sisse. Mads also became Danish Champion and LP1 – he even passed LP2.

Two wonderful dogs, who were to be the germ of my growing interest in dogs. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Sisse in 2002 and Mads in 2005. But they will of course always have a special place in my heart!

As a child, Niels had a Smooth Fox Terrier – Plet, who he spent a lot of time on. This tireless little dog could play for hours – which is just the thing for a small boy. But this was not only at home but also with the family, where dogs went without saying. His maternal grandmother and aunt and uncle had Airedale Terriers, so he obviously also had a good, friendly relationship to them too. So it was not such a strange idea to Niels when Louise suggested they get a dog.

We met each other in 1998, when we started by having a Russian Blue cat. This became two, and later we had a single litter. We waited about buying a dog until 2002, when we moved to a house. Together we now have our own small quality breeding of Sealyham Terriers and we spent a lot of time on the dogs because of shows and breeding. We do not wish to have more than 4–5 dogs at any one time, as all of them must be able to function as family pets. We have 3 small boys from 2004, 2007 and 2010 and they are of course an important part of the family, so the time we do not spend on the boys is devoted entirely to the dogs.

We live on a former fruit plantation in north Falster. We have a large garden which the dogs love exploring at close quarters. Though this is not always all that popular, as Louise is a landscape gardener and would like to be able to take some care of the plant life!